Integrated Power Systems

At GE, we're delivering power with purpose by providing flexible support for every customer. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Cheltenham, England, and Dayton, Ohio, enable us to provide a wide range of end-to-end system integration testing for both civil and military applications. Through these facilities, we offer total system optimization and increased reliability, reducing development time, costs and risk.

Power Generation

GE designs, manufactures and supports main and auxiliary electrical power generation and starter/generator systems featuring fault tolerant, high-power machinery and either integrated or discrete control and conversion electronics. Our electrical power systems offer superior performance, reliability and maintainability in the harshest of aerospace environments.

Power Distribution

GE is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of primary, secondary and complete electrical power management and distribution (PMAD) solutions, working with military and civil customers worldwide to create the best systems for their specific needs.

The user-configurable Modular Power Tile (MPT) product has been developed to offer a new range of benefits, including a flexible power and signal solution to support either distributed or federated systems with a scalable off-the-shelf design; flexible form factor for optimized packaging and wiring/installation architectures to minimize weight and volume; and whole system analysis to optimize the power and data channels configuration.

Power Conversion

GE's power control and conversion products are cost effective, highly reliable and currently in use on a wide variety of new and legacy air and land vehicles. Our converters change input supply voltage into one or more output voltages for more efficient use of vehicle power. Various levels of regulation and conditioning are performed for specific application requirements, with control and status via either discrete signals or data bus interfaces, depending on user preference.

Environmental control

GE is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality air management and temperature control subsystems for regional and business jets, civil transport and military aircraft and ground vehicles. Our products include pneumatically and electromechanically actuated valves, high performance blowers, cabin and windshield temperature controllers, magnetic bearing air cycle machines, and bleed air leak detection and environmental control systems. This broad product base, combined with engineering expertise, allows us to build integrated solutions, like temperature control and air management subsystems, to meet a wide variety of aircraft and military ground vehicle needs.

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