FlyZero is a UK government-backed initiative led by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) with the vision for “the UK to realise zero-carbon emission commercial flight by the end of the decade.” A team of experts working on the FlyZero project, and recruited from industry and academia, includes Dowty Propellers’ Zakia Hamadache, who was seconded to the project in March 2021.

Zakia joins team members from GE Aviation, GKN Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Reaction Engines, ATI, NATS, EasyJet and independent experts working together on the year-long project.

Having joined FlyZero as a Propeller Specialist, Zakia is working within the propulsion team investigating key and novel technologies that have the potential to contribute to a zero-carbon future, including propeller solutions.

Says Zakia: “I am excited to have the opportunity to support the FlyZero team in its goal to help UK aerospace develop a zero-carbon emission aircraft. I enjoy being involved with the different technical challenges and interfacing with people from very different backgrounds.” She adds: “Working remotely under the current restrictions has been a challenge but we are looking forward to team meet-ups very soon.”

Comments Henry Johnston, President of Dowty Propellers: “At Dowty Propellers, we are involved in supporting a number of government research initiatives. As innovators in the world of propulsion, we are delighted to contribute expertise to the FlyZero project and play our part in assisting UK aerospace to help define the future of sustainable flight.”