Propelling the next generation.

Technologies. People. New aircraft platforms. At Dowty, we are committed to propelling the next generation forward. Building on eight decades of pioneering firsts, Dowty continues to innovate as the world-leading propeller manufacturer. Safety first and quality always. Dowty offers best-in-class MRO field support with pride and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Commercial customers

The quality, reliability and durability of our products is paramount to powering commercial aircraft as they transport customers and passengers to destinations near and far.

Dowty has been producing propeller systems since 1937 and exclusively for the last 30 years, allowing us to focus and specialise. We are a world leader in the design, manufacture, test, certification and support of electronically controlled all-composite propeller systems for regional turboprops.

Defence customers

From the iconic Spitfire to the much loved Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules, Dowty is proud to have supported the military for over 80 years.

We count many national defence forces around the world as our customers and take seriously our duty of supporting critical missions in the toughest and harshest environments. Whether transporting people, supplies or equipment, our products can be trusted to withstand what comes their way.


Whether you need maintenance or materials, assistance with asset management or initial provisioning, we create tailored service packages for customers that keep fleets in the sky and costs manageable.

All our services are backed by 24/7 technical and logistics support, and the unique knowledge and expertise of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and propeller type certificate holder.


At Dowty, we remain committed to playing our part in creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030 and we have created a nine-year sustainability roadmap that details our journey to achieving that goal.